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SourceSTAR (Sekhem Transformed and Reborn) is a complete energy system that can be used effectively in the prevention of and aid healing of illness, disease, anxiety and crisis.

This energy healing system, channelled from Source, has an energy of very high vibration, resulting in the energy penetrating to very deep levels very quickly indeed and can be described as a form of spiritual healing. The energy can be applied to people, animals, situations and to help heal our planet. SourceSTAR has one of the highest vibrational energies amongst healing modalities at this present time.


SourceSTAR works directly with intention upon our core issues and belief systems. and works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels simultaneously, addressing deep lying and subtle aspects of cause, releasing even deeply held thought forms which can create symptoms of disease or blockages in our lives. SourceSTAR affects every molecule and cell in a cleansing, balanced and healing manner and there are no long drawn out cleansing periods for the cleansing is instantaneous.

The Practitioner asks for the energy to flow for the highest good and intention of the client. It is the recipient, through focus on their intention and what is required, who sets the purpose of the treatment session. In this way the energy of SourceSTAR assists the individual to take some responsibility for their own healing, growth and development. It is wise therefore to give some thought to what one really wants, and to ask for it in a way which is positive and this is explained prior to a treatment so that the client can come prepared if necessary with what they want changing in their life.

725836_pyramid.jpgTHE HISTORY

This energy of SourceSTAR originally derived, through SEKHEM, a healing system practiced in the ancient temples of Egypt over 5000 years ago, although believed to have actually emanated from even earlier cultures that this. It was considered even during those ancient times that dis-ease occurred from an emotional state which if first addressed and healed, continued to heal whatever ailed the body. Historically the energy of 'sekhem' which means 'Might and Authority' in Egyptian had been found in ancient scrolls in temple ruins and the pyramids. It is believed this energy also had a connection to the Goddess Sekhmet. Through mis-use of the energy due to corrupt temple hierachy, Sekhem got lost in the mists of time until it was rediscovered by Helen Belot in Australia in 1992 as SEKHEM.

SourceSTAR is the new name given to the healing system formerly known as SEKHEM This recent change of name was necessary both within the EU, UK and other countries due to trademarking regulations.

A TREATMENT usually lasts an hour and a half and can also take the form of a counselling session seated in a comfortable armchair. SourceSTAR can be given either as a seated treatment of 15 to 30 minutes or as a full treatment on a therapy couch and is always fully clothed.

SourceSTAR treatment is only half hands-on and the practitioner's hands leave the body once they get to the torso area and beam the energy around 6 or 8 inches above the body: but don't worry, all energy in fact, can be received far more strongly by having the hands off the person. A session can include interactive dialogue between the client and practitioner if necessary, in order for the practitioner to work on a particular area; but it is usual for a client to be in a completly and deeply relaxed state.

Whichever way you wish to experience this powerful yet gentle healing energy, either as a treatment or learning to channel it yourself, SourceSTAR will help you in every aspect of your life, aiding you to achieve your potential in the way you want to move forward.


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