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SourceSTAR (Sekhem Transformed and Reborn)

healing_hands_light.jpg For the history of SourceSTAR and for more information, please see the link button on the right of the site

SourceSTAR Is taught in 4 levels. Each level is certificated. Level 1, 2, Advanced and Master/Teacher which is taught in 2 parts. It is advisable to leave 3 months between each level for the first three levels and 6 months between the Master levels. After Level 2, case studies are required before a certificate is awarded.This is to prove the required standard for use with the public and also for the eventual Government regulatory standards for complementary therapists.

SourceSTAR is open for all to learn and there are no pre-requesites other than a desire to dedicate time to learn and practice this gentle energy. An inititation procedure is given before each level and as this can be quite lengthy it can be given on the evening before the course or at a pre-arranged time. The Initiation is an important part of SourceSTAR, raising your vibratory level and starting healing process within yourself. The experience will differ with each individual.

Usually a course is held over 2 days with an initiation held the day or evening before the course (a further half day or full day as required is held at a suitable date a week or so later). The course will include meditation, practical hands-on work and demonstration and is geared to working at either a small group or an individual's pace. Questions and interaction are always welcome as is the sharing of experiences and knowledge. Comprehensive manuals are provided for each level course.

Level 1
Initiation into Level 1. In this level you will be taught how to ask for and channel SourceSTAR energy to use for yourself, your family, friends (and animals). Also the level 1 healing symbols (5) and the hand positions for treatments for family and friends and self treatment. We will explore the feeling of energy and you will learn how to clear space that you are working in and set up protection. Protection is an important part of healing and the knowledge that you are working in a safe and clear space will give you an added feeling of security. You will have ample opportunity to practice a self treatment and try the hand positions on one another. If you are on a one to one course, I have many regular SourceSTAR 'bodies' who are keen to volunteer for a practice!

Level 2
Initiation into Level 2. To learn this level you will have needed to have learnt Level 1 previously. Some revision of Level 1. At this level you will be eventually if you choose to, be using the energy on the public as a practitioner and the course will be geared towards how to do this and how to deal with clients and situations in a professional manner. You will be given the Level 2 healing symbols and learn the different healing techniques. We will practice a full treatment with the hand positions and again there will be ample time for you to 'feel the energy' as you give a treatment. You will also learn absentee healing procedures, combination of symbols and the use of crystal grids. This is a comprehensive course and there are many things not listed here which you will be learning in the course material.

Advanced Level
Initation into Advanced Level. - once more this initiation will raise your vibratory level higher, increasing the energy you will be using for yourself and others. At this level, again a comprehensive course, there will be practical and demonstration sessions and you will be learning more effective healing techniques and be given Advance Level symbols which will enable you to further use the healing techniques in an enhanced manner.

Master/Teacher Level
The Master Teacher Level is taught in two parts with a period of at least six months between each course. Not everyone wants to go on to teach and this is up to the individual to choose.

Master Practitioner level part 1
Initiation. At this level your will learn important healing techniques and by this stage will be furthering yourself in your own life progression. You will receive master symbols which are powerful and gain an understanding of the responsibilites of a Master Teacher.

Master Teacher Level part 2
You will be required to apply for part 2 of the Master Teacher Level and this can take the form of a letter or a discussion. At this level you will have completed all the levels and understood the course material, worked with the public and gained the required experience and knowledge of SourceSTAR and will be able to demonstrate your understanding of the energy and how to teach it. During this course, you will be taught all the techniques, processes and how to give initiations. It is important that you fully understand the energy and how it works in order to pass on the teaching of each level and vibrations to those wishing to learn SourceSTAR healing energy. Help with setting up your classes and course manuals/materials for your students will be provided at the end of the course.


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